Restaurant Svetluška in piano

Come to relax with us. Pleasant seating with delicious food and drink, where we prepare harmoniously balanced meals with love.
We hope that not only your body, the police of the eye, will not especially caress and fill your soul. We are different, come and try!

Tasty and healthy lunch menu
Your light in eating Svetluška

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Café Comfort

On the ground floor, just by the entrance a modern, cosy café can be found. It´s fine to start your day with a cup of coffee and fresh newspapers in your hands, or to enjoy a dessert or ice-cream. During the day tasty mixed drinks will refresh you and your friends. In summer you can sit on our terrace, which is located directly in front of a café.

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday
07:30 - 22:00
Friday 07:30 - 24:00
Saturday 12:00 - 23:00
Sunday 12:00 - 22:00

Caffe Comfort

Business room

If you need to organize a larger work session, schooling, meeting, seminar or workshop, you can order an air-conditioned room. This can be used for family celebrations or schoolmates´ meetings as well. The room can be organised according to the nature of the event.

Besides complete and modern equipment, you will certainly enjoy panoramic view on roofs of old houses, with dominants of Nitra beyond.

Capacity: 50 persons

Equipment: air conditioning, Video projection incl. projection screen, LCD TV, DVD Player, Audiosystem, Microphone, fastlink DSL internet connection, wi-fi connection

Price: 25 EUR / hour

Business room

Internet room

Our customers can use free internet access to rooms. It is equipped with computer technology, high speed internet and quality air conditioning. Therefore, if you do not have to bring your laptop, we offer a space where you can equip vkľude mail or email only to browse the Internet.

Fitness & Spa

We know that our clients like active relax as well. Therefore we decided to provide them with a air conditioned fitness (free of charge) situated in -1 floor. Fitness is the optimal way to keep fit, reach harmony, confidence and satisfaction. You can get your body moving on various equipments, such as stacionárny bicykel, running belt, fitness or cardio machines. The offer will satisfy all kinds of guests – from beginners to sportsmen.

Right next to fitness you´ll find another place to relax – spa. After an exhasuting day you´ll appreciate a whirl bath in our jacuzzi, or a session in infra-red, steam or soft sauna. Moreover, for our clients spa is included in the price of accomodation.


Washing and ironing

We also offer our clients washing and ironing.


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